White Stripes Drop 90-Minute Yule Log

White Stripes Drop 90-Minute Yule Log

The White Stripes are helping rock fans cozy up at home for the holidays. The band has shared a 90-minute yule log video featuring songs from their “Greatest Hits” album, an original Christmas song, and more.

Noah Sterling directed the 90-minute looping visual, which features a festive black, white and red illustration by Blue J. The video kicks off with the White Stripes’ Christmas song “Candy Cane Children,” and “Greatest Hits” tracks like “We’re Going To Be Friends,” “My Doorbell,” and “Apple Blossom.”

There are also some classic acoustic tracks, rarities and B-sides featured in the yule log video. 

Source: Jam Base


December 23rd, 2020

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