The Strokes Return To “SNL”

The Strokes Return To “SNL”

The Strokes returned to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend. It was the band’s fourth time as the comedy sketch show’s musical guest, and their first time back on the “SNL” stage in nine years.

Introduced by host John Mulaney, the band performed “The Adults Are Talking” and “Bad Decisions” from their latest album, “The New Abnormal,” which they released back in April. In a new interview with “The Times,” frontman Julian Casablancas admits he gets tired of playing old songs live.

“When you’re growing up and imagining playing music, it is for the excitement, but the one aspect of doing it for a living that is a sadness you don’t anticipate is that you play songs so much, you become sick of them.” 

Source: The Times


November 2nd, 2020

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