Smoothie Ad Sexualizes Fruit, Deemed Too Racy For TV

Smoothie Ad Sexualizes Fruit, Deemed Too Racy For TV

Well, here’s a way to get folks to eat, well drink, their fruit. A new UK commercial for fruit smoothies has been deemed too racy for TV. The brand behind the ad, Swisse Me, has dubbed the 30-second spot “health food porn,” and that’s just what censors think it is because now it can only be shown in the evenings. 

So, what makes this smoothie ad so risqué? Well, it features a variety of fruits being seductively handled, and ends with the smoothie exploding from a pouch. Images in the ad include two avocados shot to look like breasts, a woman’s finger running up a banana, a strawberry with milk coming out of the center, a man cupping a pair of kiwi fruits, honey dripping from the top of a banana and more.

The advertising governing body Clearcast will now only allow the ad to be shown after 9 pm, noting it’s  because of the “sexual innuendo involving genitalia, breasts and porn.”

Source: SWNS Digital


May 14th, 2020

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