Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Stops Show To Help Fan

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Stops Show To Help Fan

Corey Taylor stopped Slipknot’s Monday concert in Winnipeg, Canada as he noticed a fan had fallen in the pit. He stopped mid-song to alert the paramedics. 

In a video from the show, you can see Taylor speaking to the crowd, saying, “All right, guys. Make sure they got room, make sure they got room. Everybody back up. Give them room, give ’em room… Here we go. Okay. Hold on. Everybody make room. Everybody back up. Come on. Make some room. They can’t breathe if everybody’s around them.”

The crowd then began applauding, and Taylor put a stop to that. “Hold on, guys. No applause yet. I wanna make sure that they’re okay,” he explained. “I wanna make sure that they get out of the pit 100 percent okay. Hold on one second, guys. I appreciate that.”

Finally, a few seconds later, he got back to the show, but first, he addressed the audience again.  “All right. He’s out, guys. Make some noise for the medics… Let’s make sure they get out. We’ve got a clear path right here. As soon as they’re safe, we’re starting this fucking thing again. Are they good? Okay. Should we just do it from the top? Okay. Do it from the top. You ready?”

Source: Blabbermouth


April 14th, 2022

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