Nickelback Covers “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Nickelback Covers “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Nickelback has put their own spin on Charlie Daniels’ classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” The band has shared a cover of the tune, and it ditches fiddling for F-bombs.

“A lot of people think that we’re just a band that plays the gushy love song things but all of us have a metal-head streak,” bandmember Mike Kroeger tells “Entertainment Tonight Canada.” “So what we decided is, we’re gonna make it heavy and actually make it sound a little more evil. Give it a little bit more of a darker kind of tone.”

The rocking cover comes along with an animated music video featuring a double-necked electric guitar-playing devil. 

Source: Entertainment Tonight Canada


August 17th, 2020

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