Muse Drop Defiant, Metal-Leaning Anthem ‘Won’t Stand Down’

Muse Drop Defiant, Metal-Leaning Anthem ‘Won’t Stand Down’

Muse are kicking off 2022 with a powerful musical statement, delivering one of their heaviest songs to date with the single “Won’t Stand Down.” The song is accompanied by a Jared Hogan-directed video.

Some Muse fans recently caught their first preview of the metal-leaning track with singer Matt Bellamy sharing the song’s metal breakdown as his son gleefully headbangs in the passenger seat of the vocalist’s car. With the song now fully revealed, we get the larger picture with the track employing some of the band’s familiar hard-hitting synths, drums and distorted guitar to provide a soaring and defiant anthem, though one arguably serving as their heaviest piece of music to date.

“’Won’t Stand Down’ is a song about standing your ground against bullies, whether that be on the playground, at work or anywhere,” says singer Matt Bellamy. “Protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation and to face adversity with strength, confidence and aggression.”

As for the Jared Hogan-directed visual, it features Bellamy in an elder state, wheelchair bound with white hair being wheeled onto a stage and strapped into a contraption that allows him to control an audience consisting of a dark army. Over the course of the video, the weakened character draws strength from the masses, bolting free of his chair and eventually ascending to become the most powerful character in the room.

Source: Loudwire


January 13th, 2022

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