Lars Ulrich Reveals His Least Favorite Metallica Song

Lars Ulrich Reveals His Least Favorite Metallica Song

After 11 Metallica albums, not including Lulu and the handful of standalone singles the band has, Lars Ulrich apparently has one song that maybe his least favorite.

In an interview with Vulture, Lars said “Eye of the Beholder” on the band’s 1988 album “…And Justice For All” just doesn’t make sense to him, and sounds “very awkward” overall. He also clarifies that each Metallica album is very much a product of the time it was written in and that the band normally looks back and wishes they could change some things. 

He pointed out that he doesn’t know if it’s his least favorite Metallica song of all time, but it’s definitely his least favorite on “…And Justice For All.”

Lars also said that he doesn’t listen to a lot of Metallica music. He says that part of the reason is that he’s overly analytical [about the details]. It’s basically almost impossible for him to listen to a Metallica song without ripping it apart and obsessing over every note.

Source: Vulture


September 29th, 2020

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