Korn Frontman Attended His Own Band’s Virtual Concert

Korn Frontman Attended His Own Band’s Virtual Concert

Last month, Korn entered the digital world, hosting a “virtual concert” in the online video game “AdventureQuest 3D.” Players rocked out to virtual avatars of the band as they performed at the “Battle Concert Arena” where fans could rock out while also fighting monsters.

In a new interview, frontman Jonathan Davis reveals that he was in the audience too. The rocker is a gamer himself, so he logged in to “AdventureQuest 3d” when the virtual event went live and hung out with his fans. “I go to the event all the time,” he says. “I dress myself up as me, I brought all the [gear, like Korn-themed weapons, shirts, and pets].”

If you missed out on the virtual concert, some fans have uploaded videos of the show for you to enjoy. The band played “Freak On A Leash,” “You’ll Never Find Me,” and “Rotting In Vain” as the crowd started a digital mosh pit complete with monsters to battle.

Source: Kotaku


September 25th, 2019

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