ICYMI: Dave Grohl Co-Hosts “The Tonight Show”

ICYMI: Dave Grohl Co-Hosts “The Tonight Show”

In case you missed it, Dave Grohl co-hosted “The Tonight Show” alongside Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. The Foo Fighters rocker told some jokes during Jimmy’s monologue, recreated a Foo meme, and recalled the time he caught his mom drinking with Green Day.

“[After my mom retired] she started going on tour with me,” recalled Dave. “I gave her a laminate and she would just go and hang out, and I’d be onstage playing and then get offstage and be like, ​‘Where’s my mom?!’ and she’d be drinking beers with Green Day upstairs and hanging out – she’s very cool!”

As for the Foos meme, it’s been dubbed the “Dave G’roll” – like Rickroll a la Rick Astley. Dave recreated the meme by starting to perform Foo Fighters’ “Best Of You”… except once he gets to the chorus, he just keeps repeating “The Best” for the rest of the song.

Source: The Tonight Show


May 26th, 2021

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