Ghost Hints At 86ing Onstage Alter Ego

Ghost Hints At 86ing Onstage Alter Ego

Swedish rock sensation Ghost likes to remind us that all good things must end. And it looks like that is true of “Papa Emeritus IV,” the alter ego of frontman Tobias Forge. In the latest release of their “ongoing video story,” Ghost seems to hint that Papa’s time is up.

“Chapter 16: Tax Season” features Papa and Sister Imperator in a short with an ominous message. Forge tends to switch up his persona along with new phases of the band’s music. If Papa does meet his rumored end this year, some speculate this means Ghost is set to wrap up the current “Impera” era.

This video follows one from the end of 2022 in which Mr. Saltarian cryptically hinted at Papa’s fate. “The shows are scheduled,” he revealed. “I know when your time is up.”

Watch the creepy “Chapter 16: Tax Season”… if you dare.

Source: NME


February 21st, 2023

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