Ghost Copy Sexy Pottery Scene From ‘Ghost’ for Valentine’s Day

Ghost Copy Sexy Pottery Scene From ‘Ghost’ for Valentine’s Day

Ghost used Valentine’s Day 2022 to cheekily compare their Satanic Swedish rock band to the movie Ghost, the 1990 romantic drama starring Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze.

It’s a gag that Ghost fans might’ve guessed would come along at some point, seeing as how creatively tongue-in-cheek yet reverential bandleader Tobias Forge (Papa Emeritus IV) can be.

But did any listener predict Ghost would choose to mimic Ghost‘s sensual pottery scene?

In a minute-long clip titled “Ghost on Ghost” that Ghost shared on Monday (Feb. 14), Papa Emeritus guides a woman’s hands in shaping clay on a pottery wheel, just like Moore and Swayze do in Ghost. As they continue sculpting in a darkened church, the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” plays, also like in the movie scene.

“We wish to inform you the love inside, you take it with you…Happy Valentine’s Day,” Ghost said in the accompanying “Message to the Clergy” that they often include in their updates.

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February 15th, 2022

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