Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Insists Video Isn’t Anti-Mask

Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Insists Video Isn’t Anti-Mask

Five Finger Death Punch just released a video for their single “Living The Dream,” and it received some backlash after what some perceived was the clip’s anti-mask message. 

In the clip, those wearing masks are given a button with the communist symbol of a hammer and sickle that labels them “compliant,” while the person giving out masks wears a button that reads “exempt.”

But guitarist Zoltan Bathory released a statement insisting that is not the message of the clip.

“As much as some *news sites* used ‘anti-mask’ as a clickbait title (And I must applaud the capitalist in them or I myself would be a hypocrite),” he writes, “Let’s make this crystal clear: In a fictional story, Amongst shopping cart zombies, Tide Pod eating fat superheroes and all the other metaphors, why would anyone think the mask scene isn’t one.” He adds, “The scene in question is not about the masks… it’s NOT an Anti-Mask message… in fact you can go to FiveFingerDeathPunch.com right now and buy some cool ones.”

He also notes, “If I must explain this: The whole video is in the frame work of fiction, a dystopian nightmare of one of the founding fathers – right before he signs the constitution,” adding, “If you reduced this entire video to that scene and missed the metaphor behind it … Well… the good news is – It is STILL America so you have the right to have and even print your own opinion.”

Source: Zoltan Bathory


October 19th, 2020

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