Chester Bennington’s Daughters Appear on New Grey Daze Album

Chester Bennington’s Daughters Appear on New Grey Daze Album

Grey Daze continue their mission to celebrate their late vocalist Chester Bennington, announcing the new album The Phoenix and incorporating two of Bennington’s daughters, Lily and Lila, as guests on one of the tracks.

Grey Daze was Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park group (1994-1997) and before his death they had intended to reunite to re-record the band’s discography. With the blessings of Bennington’s family, producer Esjay Jones and band members Sean Dowdell, Mace Beyers and Cristin Davis sought to complete the mission they had started as a way to pay tribute to the singer. Amends arrived in 2020, and the band started reworking the remaining 10 tracks in the band’s catalog for what is now The Phoenix.

Keeping things in the family, Lily and Lila Bennington now have a place on a Grey Daze album, appearing on the song “Hole” and following in the footsteps of brother Jaime Bennington who previously appeared on the Amends track “Soul Song.” This new set not only features Bennington’s daughters, but also includes guest turns from Dave Navarro and Filter’s Richard Patrick.

The Phoenix will arrive on June 17 via Loma Vista Recordings and to kick off promotion of the album, the band has released the powerful new song “Saturation (Strange Love)” that captures the incredible range of the singer through Bennington’s screams and some more restrained melodic moments.

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April 15th, 2022

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