Bush Reveals “Heavy” New Single

Bush Reveals “Heavy” New Single

Bush is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album, “The Art Of Survival.” The band has dropped a visualizer for the opening track, “Heavy Is The Ocean.”

In a press release, frontman Gavin Rossdale says the main riff offers a true vibe of the record. “It really sets the tone and the gravitas of the album,” he explains. “I love the power of the ocean. It’s mesmerizing to me. It feeds your soul. The song uses the imagery I love.” But it’s not dirgey.

Instead, Rossdale says the album is actually inspired by hope. “In recent memory, we’ve made major strides and shown great resilience in the face of war, endless instances of racism, gender politics, a pandemic, and a melting pot of what we’ve experienced,” he adds. “For me, ‘The Art of Survival’ encompasses all of this.” Look for “The Art Of Survival” to be available October 7th.

Source: NME


September 19th, 2022

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