Become “The Hunted” With Saint Asonia‘s New Snapchat Lens

Become “The Hunted” With Saint Asonia‘s New Snapchat Lens

Rock band Saint Asonia are previewing their music video for their hit single “The Hunted” through a new Snapchat Lens that puts the viewer right into the video’s key scene.

In the :30 second excerpt of their forthcoming full length video for “The Hunted,” viewers can actually insert themselves into a clip from the upcoming video through a specially-designed Lens, and can then share their cameo role with their friends on Snapchat.

While the band unveiled the new Lens via their social media accounts, the Lens will also be featured in Lens Explorer, Snapchat’s hub to discover Lenses made by the community. To open Lens Explorer, just tap the smiley icon that appears when the Lens Carousel is active.

The Lens was made through Lens Studio, Snap’s free desktop app that makes it possible for anyone to create their own Lenses for Snapchat. Lens Studio just unveiled six new templates, including a Face In Video template, which places the viewer’s face into a video. Saint Asonia is the very first band to utilize this exciting new feature.

The Lens was designed by Blnk Digital and the video clip is an excerpt from the forthcoming full-length video directed by P.R. Brown.

Become “The Hunted” by clicking here.

Source: Saint Asonia Official


September 3rd, 2019

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