Alice Cooper Surprises Zak Nilsson With Original Song

Alice Cooper Surprises Zak Nilsson With Original Song

Alice Cooper had a sweet surprise for Harry Nilsson’s son Zak during the latest episode of the YouTube Live show “Coffee Talk with ADIKA.” Zak has been regularly appearing on the show to give updates on his battle with end-stage colon cancer, and during Alice’s appearance the rocker surprised Zak with an original song to lift his spirits.

Zak’s dad was a member of The Hollywood Vampires, the celebrity drinking club that Alice formed in the 1970s, along with big music names like Keith Moon, Ringo Starr, and Micky Dolenz. In light of Zak’s decision to enter hospice rather than continue his treatment, “Coffee Talk” reached out to Harry’s old friend Alice, prompting him to surprise Zak with the surprise original song.

“He did say in the song that there’s nothing that I lack, and I would argue the only thing I really lack is a functioning gastrointestinal tract,” Zak joked in response. “But other than that, spot on… pretty awesome.” 

Source: Coffee Talk


January 6th, 2021

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