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Zone Mornings
Scotty Simmons!
Whats your favorite part of your drive to work with Scotty on morning show?
 Stupid News
 The Rock!
 Morning Stop
A former Zone ringmaster returns. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ha! We jest. Scotty is back to rock your mornings on the Zone and we couldn't be happier. So, wake up and hear the goodness. And please call his show and remind him that KISS is not actually the greatest rock band in the world.
Work ROCKS on 96-3 The Zone
10a - 3p
What is your favorite part of Chandlers show?
 The Stupid News
 Rock News
 The silly and stupid stuff he finds on the web
 I enjoy his whole show
 Not a fan of any of it, I prefer rap and country radio
<----Chandler = Father of the Year! He came to us from the lil village of Ekalaka where he rode ponies, drank beer, shot critters, cruised in tractors and drank more beer. But then the rock bug bit him and found himself a microphone here in Billings. After 10 years on The Zone he had a two year stint in time-out helping other stations he is back blowing your speakers. The next best thing to eating bacon and drinking beer during lunch is listening to him from 10 to 3. Let him get you thru your long boring work day. He encourages starting Happy Hour early!
Afternoon Zone
What is your favorite part of Willy's Rule Breaker show?
 His bitchin hair.
 His fine taste in music and box wine.
 Concert and band news.
 I enjoy his whole show
 His really bitchin hair.
So, the Bossman walks up one day and asks Willy for his bio. And this is what he got: Willy Tyler Bio: Willy spends his time looking for change, drumming with pens and searching the internet history of the studio computer to keep up on Scotty's sick fetishes. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, Willy's life wasn't always this glamorous. Though destined for fame at an early age, young William thought it would be his extreme handsomeness that would launch him to stardom, not his silky smooth sexy man voice. Unfortunately, he's quite lazy; he dropped out of college, ran around with the wrong crowd, started drinking and never really looked for a job. Luckily, he smells really good, likes to rock and loves pretty girls. The Zone begged and pleaded for him to take to the airwaves and finally Willy agreed. He may never be an actor or a model, but at least he has a job. Give him a call with your requests at 655-9696. He probably won't play them, but he may say something witty.
Zone Rock Block
Straight Up Rock
All Weekend Looooong!
When do you listen to The Zone the most?
 The Morning Show with Scotty 6a-10a
 Chandler 10a-3p
 The Drive with Willy 3p-7p
 The Sixx Sense w/ Nikki Sixx & Kerri Kasem 7p-midnight
 The Graveyard midnight-6a
 The weekends
The weekend rock block, playing the kick ass klassics from Zeppelin to Ozzy.....the best jams from the 80s like Guns n Roses, and Motley Crue.....get you your grunge fix with AIC, STP, Nirvana and more.... and of course the newest tunes coming out in the world of rock. Let The Zone go with you wherever your headed to enjoy the weekend!
Sixx Sense
Nikki Sixx & Kerri Kasem
Weekdays 7pm-midnight
What is your favorite part of The Sixx Sense?
 The guests
 Nikki's stories from the past
 The music
 Weird stuff from the web
 Kerri Kasem
 I miss Lou Brutus
There's no one in the world quite like Nikki Sixx, and there's nothing on the radio quite like his show "Sixx Sense." Each night, he'll be talking about the music and topics on everybody's mind, but filtered through the unique perspective and attitude of someone who has seen it all, done it all, and is still hungry for more. You'll get a backstage look the world and mind of a rock star. But not just any rock star, Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. You'll get the inside stories that others are too afraid or ashamed to tell. Nikki will get straight, honest talk from special celebrity guests, bands and friends, no matter how notorious or nefarious. Plus, he'll play all the hottest music in rock. The program airs nationwide Monday through Friday from 7 pm to midnight local time.
Nikki Sixx's Side Show
Nikki Sixx
How do you keep tabs on The Zone and whats going on?
 On air with the guys on the mic
 Via the Facebook page
 The website
 All of it on air and online
 I dont like The Zone
The hottest songs in rock, hand picked by a legend who immerses himself in music; Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx. The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx is a weekend companion to Sixx Sense that's all about the music. Nikki plays his choice of the top songs in rock and showcases new and emerging artists. He'll also get the dirt straight from the biggest names in music and entertainment. Catch it Saturday nights on The Zone from 9pm-11pm!
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